Thursday, September 8, 2011


It was about 2:00 AM when the hollering from the one down below me circling the drain finally came to an end. I heard her loud hollering in pain, the daughter screaming, "This is good, this is good, this is good" over and over again. I'm sure if I was dying and the last words I heard from my daughter were, "This is good, this is good, over and over again
would be terrible. It was the end of some one's life. The hollering from the dying stopped suddenly, then I heard two soft oohs and then all quiet. I heard the last two breaths of a dying person. I thought it would be more traumatising than it was. But no more than you'd see on TV. Maybe because I had no feelings towards this person except hate. I thought maybe they gave her medication and that stopped the pain, because I then heard their TV on.

The next day I didn't see their cars. I thought maybe they took her to the hospital to die. I didn't hear any ambulance or see anybody taking her body away during the night. I'm sure I would have heard it. Could they have put her dead body in their car and took her to a funeral parlor or a crematorium? Who knows, but they snuck her body out somehow.

OK, Buffy. Enough with the doom and gloom. But this time in a good way. Like her daughter said, "This is a good thing." Yay!

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