Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Yesterday morning I turned my TV on when all of the channels I get on cable were out with a blurp saying that if I don't have reception to this channel, I need to order equipment which will bring back my channels.

I thought, not again, something else I have to purchase. So I went down to Folsom for some big shopping...a new TV, since the one I have here is analogue and cable was converting to digital.

I went to Best Buy and they were really expensive for the things I wanted my new TV to include. The shopping networks were much more reasonably priced and had even more features that I would use. But going to Best Buys I learned a lot from the man there who explained to me very nicely what is new and who were the best LED TVs on the market today. Of course, I asked about Sony. I still have my Sony analog 27" at my ranch in Southern CA, and it still works after about 35 years. He says Samsung is the leader now, but who's to say. Still, I'd get a TV from the home shopping people before Best Buy right now.

I went home, without a TV to turn on while having dinner. I called the number Comcast gave on the screen to order my equipment, thinking how much this is going to cost me? Surprise, surprise! No cost. I should be receiving the adaptor in about three to five days. Whew, dodged another bullet in my life. Lately, there's been a lot of dodging bullets and don't know when something will really hit me hard and there will be no way to avoiding a hit.

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