Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I have finally done all the research, and again, I am back on line. Albeit, it's dial up again, but for $6.95 a month, I can't knock it.

It has been very difficult for me to try to do my daily activities without the Internet in my home. I'd either have to use the computer in our rec. room, which lately has been down for several weeks because the manager and maintenance man doesn't know how or doesn't want to fix it any more. I can't say that I blame them, for the elderly people here who don't really know how to use computers, just press the button to shut the computer off instead of shutting down Windows properly.

Going to the library was great. I always got a cubical in the back of the library where it is quiet and private, but I had to drive the two miles back and forth which used gas. It got me out of the apartment, but still was just a pain.

It's nice to do my banking and check my banking activities whenever I want to. Getting and sending e-mails is just so convenient in the comfort of my own home anytime I want. And, of course, not to mention blogging at anytime I feel like it.

I've tried to ween myself off this computer, but it just makes life so much easier from comparing prices to just looking up things on Google that makes you wonder about on TV or just things you are curious about in your everyday thoughts. I've been an inquisitive person all my life and this just fits into my psyche so well.

So, I'M BACK!!!

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