Sunday, August 21, 2011


Yesterday I took my old almost 40 year old microwave to the recycling center. It was the Snowline Hospice in Placerville, CA. They had a man there to remove it from my van. I had my neighbor place it in my van. I had rolled the microwave on it's cart to my van from my apartment. After the man lifted the microwave out of my van at the recycling center, I gave it a pat and one last look saying, "Well, goodbye, you've served me well." The man laughed at me, but knew it deserved those last few words and a pat after I told him it was almost 40 years old.

After that, I went grocery shopping and decided I would get the Margarita mix and some tequila. I know practically anything about mixed drinks, but I wanted to try my new Ninja on chopping ice and blending the drink. I'll let you know how it does. I purchased some Margarita glasses a few months ago at the Dollar Store. Don't knock the Dollar Store; they're really pretty and look forward to washing them and lining the rims of the glasses with lime and sea salt. Hope they come out like El Torito's restaurant which we frequented in southern CA. I can't seem to find a decent Margarita up here in the foothills. I've tried two places and both fell way below my expectations. Maybe my own concoction will fill the bill. I hope so, because the tequila and mix costed a pretty penny.

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