Wednesday, August 24, 2011


My new microwave oven finally arrived. I waited all day and it was delivered by a very handsome UPS man. As he was walking towards my apartment with a giant smile on his face and and he saw I was eagerly awaiting him as soon as I saw his truck, he said, "Is somebody expecting a microwave oven?" I said, with a big smile on my face and a slight clapping of my hands, "Yes."

I had put my microwave cart on the patio and asked if he could lift the microwave out of the box and place it on my cart. At first he said he couldn't because of liability reasons and I said in a sad voice, "I understand." I said I could probably cut the sides with a box cutter, but the box had large staples on it so the delivery man said, "Well, I can rip the box open for you and then he proceeded to take the packing material out and he lifted the oven out of the box and placed it on my cart." I was so grateful. I signed for the oven and he was on his way.

So I carefully rolled the oven on the cart into my apartment and into my kitchen. I pulled off the remainder of the packing which was taped to the oven and looked inside for the microwave dish. I placed the dish and its holder into the oven and was just so happy about how nice the outside and control button pad were designed. There were a lot of control buttons in their own departments which, I know, I'll have to learn what they do.

It was dinnertime and thought I'd heat up some sirloin steak, after all, how hard could it be. I placed the sirloin in the oven and covered it with my large microwave cover for the foods. After more than enough time went by it was still heating. I thought, I'd leave it up to the oven to decide what's enough. When the bell rang for it to let me know it was done, I took off the cover and saw it cooked too much. I ate some of it, but was disappointed. The directions to reheat said to cover the food with plastic wrap and maybe that's where I went wrong; I used my own cover which looks like a cake cover. Maybe there was too much space between the cover and food?

It has a special button for veggies. I looked in the book how to cook my squash. It came out perfectly without having to put in any time for them to cook. Just one or two buttons. I was very pleased.

This morning I continued reading the directions for each and every button on the front of the oven. They each have their own purpose and I guess it will take some time to learn them if I want to just be able to touch one or two buttons to do something.

There were two sheets of wonderful recipes that I'd love to make. They don't require too many ingredients, but just enough to make a little change to my ordinary recipes. No cookbook came with this oven, but you can get one just for this oven. I have my old Sharp Carousel oven cookbook. Although my old oven had only 900 watts, this oven has 1200 watts and probably my recipes will have to be adjusted for this more powerful oven.

OK. Here comes my slight disappointments: when the oven door closes, it is a much louder sound like a slam. Hopefully, it will get a little quieter as the door gets broken in. Also, this oven is a bit shorter, so I have to bend down further when searching for the correct button to press. Hopefully, I'll get to know where each button is in time and can go right to it without bending over so much. Also, the lit up display where the time of day is always displayed is an ugly yellow. I guess a lot of it is what you are used to. But, so far, that's all I can see I don't really like.

Tonight I'm planning on green beans, fresh, and there's a special way to cook them which I'll try since I've always put green beans into a steamer and cooked them on the stove top because the old microwave just didn't do it as well.

I'm also going to cook turkey burgers. The instruction book tells how to do this exactly and it seems really easy with a touch or two of the keypad. My old microwave I only had the option of time and level of power. It did had some programming features, but I found just punching in time and level of power was simpler. I have some hamburger buns in the frig so I'll try how they say to heat breads and pastries.

All in all, I had a great time with my new toy.


RMKK said...

Great read! And I thought I was one of the few that kept appliances till they broke. I have a toaster that is over 30 years old. Forty years? Are you sure? I would have thought hospitals may have had them that far back, but consumers? I remember my mother in law's first microwave. It was a clunker. David and I didn't get our first one until 1986. At the time I thought we were the last people on earth to get one. lol. Good luck, I hope nothing else dies for awhile.


P.S. Everything is so cheaply made now. The new stuff just doesn't last as long.

Blue Shoe Farm said...

ha! We had a microwave oven that was huge and had a "wood" pattern finish on the outside... I wonder if they were the same? Sounds like your new one cooks great... always a bonus. I only use ours to reheat coffee and leftovers.
You had a great UPS driver! Cute, too... that is a bonus.