Friday, August 19, 2011


I never realized how important my microwave meant to me. When it died about a week ago, first the inside light went out, then the whole outside lit up parts blacked out. I kept trying to bring it back to life by unplugging it and then plugging it again to hopefully see it's lights back on, but no such luck. So I was faced with some more research on microwaves.

All of the consumer reports and users of this particular microwave said it was the best. And I believe it. My old one of almost 40 years made me a believer.

It was the 2.0 cubic feet Sharp Carousel. I needed for sure to have a 15 inch carousel dish inside because I have all of my Corning ware microwave dishes, the largest being 15 inches, which I use a lot. This oven had a 16 inch carousel dish. The next oven in my price range, which was the next step down, because I really didn't want a larger microwave than my old one, had a 14 1/8 inch carousel dish. So with much deliberation, I ordered the 2.0 cubic feet with the 16 inch carousel dish. It's on it's way coming from Texas and should arrive next Tuesday.

The pricing on this oven was also only to my good detective work. Best Buy had the same oven for $149.99. Home Depot had it for $164.99. So, of course Best Buy was who I called, but they were all out of them, so I called Home Depot and asked it they price matched. They said yes and also free shipping which Best Buy had also offered. When I checked on line where my microwave was in the shipping process, they sent me the cost of the microwave. It was again reduced again a few more dollars because after wondering why, I remembered some time ago they said they would match other companies price plus another 10% off. How's that for a deal!

So, do your research before buying on line and don't be afraid to ask about price matching so they know you did your homework and am ready to buy.

So I'm anxiously awaiting my new microwave with all kinds of settings, a larger size inside and getting back to cooking like I used to. So far, just heating up your morning coffee in the morning is quite disappointing at having to warm it up in a pan on the stove. Next is cooking veggies on the stove top. You lose a lot of vitamins, minerals and not to mention taste. (I have a steamer which sits in a pan, so it wasn't that bad). But clean up is a little bit more messy. I've had to think of how I would cook certain foods on my stove top many years ago. You really take for granted what your microwave oven can do. Much cleaner, healthier and tastier.

I don't bake in my microwave. The oven in my stove does a better job as far as texture, but maybe I'll try in this oven just for the heck of it.

This oven has so many settings. Making popcorn, a beverage center and other things I would have been OK without, but am looking forward to my new toy and a necessity in my kitchen.

My old oven will be hauled off tomorrow with the help of a neighbor to the recycling center. It's 63 pounds. My new oven, although larger is about ten pounds lighter. That's how far technology has come along in scaling down the internal workings of them.

I chose black in color. My Ninja blender is sterling and black, coffee pot black and if my almost 40 year old toaster leaves me, it shall be black. Can't see fingerprints on it. My old microwave had a black front and faux wooden exterior. If the front got a bit dirty, you couldn't really see it until it got much dirtier.

So I'm anxiously waiting for my new baby to arrive....tick tock, tick tock.

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Blue Shoe Farm said...

I wish you lived closer, I have two new microwaves in the basement I need to get rid of! Thanks for your comments... they were nice to read when I was in the doldrums.