Thursday, August 25, 2011


So I followed the directions exactly on how to cook green beans in my new microwave. They did come a bit better than in my old microwave, but I still prefer them in a steamer on my stove top for eight minutes.

The turkey burgers were perfectly cooked according to the directions for ground meats. One button operation. How great.

Tonight I will check out the rice button. One touch! With my old microwave, I had to program eight minutes first on high, then 20 minutes on simmer. It went automatically from one power level to the next, but still a lot of button pressing. I'll warm up the turkey burgers and beans from last night. Sounds like another good meal.

As I am still going through the instruction manual, I came across several more pages of some very interesting and delicious sounding recipes. This gets better and better with every page I turn in the manual.

How fun.

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