Sunday, August 28, 2011


When I purchased my new Ninja 1200 blender, there was no real recipe book included, like they show in the $366 Vitamix blender, which has one included.

While watching the Vitamix pitch on one of the shopping networks this morning, I saw how various recipes were made, watched what ingredients they put in and still in my heart and mind feel I made a better purchase with my Ninja 1200. I can still do much more than their blender, I got two pitchers, one of which is a great giant 72 oz. one.

So I searched the net to find 11 pages of recipes for the Ninja 1100 and 1200 blender. I had found this site before I purchased my Ninja, so I knew there were so many blender recipes, I would have no problem, if I needed them or just wanted to try some new ones.

I looked for the dough recipe they had shown in their demonstrations of how to make pizza dough. They only use 2 cups of flour as my pizza dough recipe uses about 3 1/2 cups. I thought I'd make pizza tonight since I've got the cheese, pepperoni and anchovies. I've got the tomato sauce defrosting on my kitchen counter now. I'm pretty sure it will defrost by tonight, but if not, my amazing new Sharp Carousel microwave will defrost it with just one touch. Just love my new purchases and having a ball doing all kinds of things with each.

Since we've been in a heat wave here, I will cook the pizza in my small oven to keep the heat down in the apartment. I'm looking forward to my Margaritas this afternoon. I believe with such heat, it will hit the spot and see if I can make a great Margarita, better than I've tasted in some restaurants here.

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