Saturday, January 8, 2011


As I was reading what's on the weekly specials of the supermarkets ads, there was a recipe for Crock-Pot artichokes. With them being on special this week, I plan on giving them a try. The recipe sounds easy enough. They were $.69 each. I bought four. Although they were a smaller artichoke size I usually buy, they weren't as small as those tiny, tiny ones for marinating or horsd'oeuvres use. I made a very large salad last night which I'll finish up along with the artichokes.

I've been cutting down on meat eating now for about six months. Not really for health reasons, but I'm pretty tired of it and find I can eat a lot more of other, more healthier things. I stocked up yesterday on beans and lentils.

As I passed the potato counters at the supermarket, I'm really tired of white potatoes also, and passed on them. I'm trying to remember to get only sweet potatoes or yams.

My next thing, which I find very hard to break is my love of cheeses. Dr. Oz says the reason people find that habit hard to break is because there is something in cheese that is very addictive. But, you know, I'm getting tired of cheese too. I keep going for the Longhorn, Colby, Swiss, Sharp Cheddar, Mozzarella, Parmesan and some others I buy when on sale. I wished they'd only sell the rind of Brie cheese because it's so good and I'd be able to avoid the cheese itself. It's like pudding tops, how when you make it, it forms a skin on top. That's the best part of pudding for me, especially in chocolate.

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