Saturday, January 8, 2011


Yesterday I received my new Sketchers Shape-Up exercise shoes. I had tried on these new type of walking shoes on several months ago when they were $100 at the Folsom outlet Sketchers store. I got them for $60 on line. They came with a free pair of shoe laces, a DVD with exercises to do with your new Sketchers, a book on what to eat in what proportions and book on how to walk in them. I already knew what to eat, the BMI (Body Mass Index) section, but it was really interesting and fun to do the exercises on the DVD. The balance is a bit challenging, but yea, if you move any muscles a bit more every time you wear these shoes, you're going to have a change in strength in your core, butt and legs and supposedly lose weight. You're only supposed to wear them about 30-45 minutes for the first few weeks, but they were so much fun, I wore them for six hours.

After reading the books and doing the 15 minute exercise routine on the DVD (there is also a 30 minute exercise routine) I walked down to the Rec. room and walked at the slowest speed on the treadmill. I did a half an hour on the treadmill to really get used to them.

Today I can feel a few aches and pains, as though I've used muscles in my feet I didn't even know I had. I overdid the workouts in my new shoes. I will today only wear them 45 minutes as I do some walking outside.

These shoes make you taller. I love being taller. It's like looking down on people now. I wish I were taller naturally. Wearing these taller, more cushy exercise shoes are not like wearing high heals. These shoes are like being on a platform, a very cushy platform.

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