Thursday, August 19, 2010


Congrats. I say to myself. I rode four miles, well, mostly. I had to stop four or five times to recoup going up the hill on the bike path. It was downhill all the way though. Going downhill put all of my weight on my shoulders and forearms, having to hold the brake levers practically all the way.

I brought Genie along and put her on bike mode and she showed me where I rode. Nice, cute, but have to look for stats, if she gives stats on bike riding.

Stats for today are, according to my bike odometer:

Distance 3.99
Max. Speed: 16.5
Avg. Speed: 7.9
Time: 30.4 mins. (actual peddaling)
Calories: 133.2
Fat Calories: 6.9

But, who's counting? I am, that's who.

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