Thursday, August 19, 2010


I was quite hesitant as I searched my closet this morning for my Performance bike riding outfit. When I layed it on the bed, I said to myslef, "It isn't going to fit." As I put one leg in the pants and then the other, I was amazed at how it just slipped on up me. The top did the same, but with a little snuggness I found as well as in my bright yellow bike shirt I rode in several weeks ago. I just stretched them a little bit and with a little more tugging here and there, I found I can still get into these clothes nearly 15 years later.

These bike pants just have a shammy crotch liner which is supposed to give more comfort to your seat and private areas, but doesn't do that much. My new bike pants I bought recently have a gel crotch. They feel a little better than these shammy type pants, but I'll see once I actually ride in them.

I can't decide whether to ride 45 miles to meet up with a group on a very easy ride or go to Folsom on their rider friendly, flat, beautiful trails.

I have to seek out a flatter bike path near where I live so I can keep going and get my stamina up at a faster rate than I am.

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