Thursday, August 19, 2010


As I was perusing the aisles of a store I buy my sheets at, I came across a very nice shade of eggshell I thought would complement my already stocked blankets, comforters and pillow shams. As I looked for my size groupings, I noticed on several of the packages that “micro fiber” was what this sheet set of a fitted, top and two pillowcases was made of. My curiosity increased as I began to look on the package if any other information was given about this new material. There wasn’t any information on the package, so I noticed the clear plastic package this sheet set came in was a bit opened so I stuck my fingers in the package to touch them. They felt like silk. The thickness wasn’t heavy or scratchy. “How great,” I thought. These sheets would be great for the summer months. Light and airy. So I purchased them.

When I arrived home and took them out of the package, I realized how great they really were. They even shined like silk. I slept with these great sheets ever so lightly touching my body.

As I was reading an advertisement from another store, again I saw an ad for some underwear made out of what else but micro fiber. Knowing what I knew about my sheets, I decided to check them out. No, this wasn’t the same material my sheets were made out of and the style was ugly, so I quickly dismissed this purchase.

While watching one of the shopping networks, they were trying to sell something in micro fiber. I actually forgot what the product was because it wasn’t anything I needed or would want at that time. It may have been a comforter or a sheet set.

Is this the new “gotta have” material for the many products it serves? Yes, it is a great product providing you look and feel the fabric before purchasing. Not all micro fabrics are the same.

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