Sunday, August 22, 2010


As I watched HSN the other night, they were showing designer’s jewelry. Usually there isn’t anyone of significance I would like to follow. But the other night, was different.

There was a designer there by the name of Jay King. Practically every one of his designs was beautiful and to my amazement. It was quite expensive, but he travels the world for the stones he designs. He actually goes to the mines and selects the section of rocks he wants. In fact, the miners contact him when they hit a vein or section of a mine they want him to see. Some of his travels take him to South Africa, China, Australia and, of course, the Southwestern part of the United States.

Although his jewelry on TV wasn’t discounted, I went on line to see if he had anything on sale or clearance. And there it was. A beautiful sterling silver and turquoise necklace for only $69.00. Unfortunately, there were no rings, bracelets or earrings to match. This turquoise was quite different and from China. The colors were unique and without anything matching, it would look alone. I’d have to wear silver of any other jewelry I would wear because matching of this particular turquoise color would be difficult and risky to order.

I passed up on the necklace and this morning I went on to Google to find that in the Southwest United States there was a wonderful Indian made jewelry company. Their catalogue started out with turquoise jewelry necklaces over $1,000. I soon found the jewelry got less expensive the further down the catalogue you went. They had many matching necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants and even money holders. But now, which ones to order? They were really pretty and I’m sure the stones got smaller as the prices went down. I didn’t go that far in my research, but I’m sure that’s what happens. They had some watches inlaid with stone, which were really affordable and cute. I was very tempted to start researching and comparing, but got too tired to venture on.

This shopping on line has gotten too easy for anybody to go wild.

The models on TV that show this jewelry has prompted me to take better care of my hands. Of course, all of their nails are fake and their hands are a lot larger than mine I’m sure. Their wrists are a lot larger than mine are. The jewelry they modeled was shown in proportion to their body part sizes and looked good. Of course, this whole online shopping is big business in itself. I understand there is also a tour of the HSN studios in Florida. It’s pretty amazing from what I heard by a lady on the phone who just purchased an item and just boasted about the items she has purchased over the years.

Would I want to sell on one of these shows? No. This sales department works 24/7. They may even have all of the comforts of home if they’re there at all hours of the day or night. Maybe something like a hospital where doctors, nurses and other staff are at the hospital for days at a time. I like my comforts of my home.

After tiring looking at all the jewelry, I made it a point to check out recipes for Adobe Chipotle chilies, beans and rice recipes. I have some soft, corn tortillas and adobe chilies in the freezer I defrosted and need to be used. Instead of black beans, though, I’ll be adding kidney beans. The recipe I chose looks easy enough and I think will taste good.

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