Thursday, August 26, 2010


Some days are very different for me. What to do.

I was reading another blog and she does artwork primarily with animals. She paints and shows the progress. I know this type of work is painstackingly difficult. Drawing, using graph paper, blocking in, fur mapping. "Hugh?," you say. Yes, there is a plan. She uses Ampersand Gessoboard. I checked it out the other day at Michaels and Aaron Bros. It looked like a bristol board or illustration board on a piece of thin wood. What a nice, slick surface and one that would stay perfectly flat while working on it. The artist uses a paint I don't particulary like, but I thought of doing something on a smaller scale using pen and ink and photo of a friend's cat and sending it to him.

As I was browsing the art book aisle, I saw a book that Claudia Nice wrote which illustrates beautifully how she produces her pen and ink drawings. She is a self- taught artist who works for one of the most known technical pen companies. I prefer not using her company's pen because for one, they're very expensive, they clog up and purchasing many expensive pen points is just not how I want to work. I checked the library out as far as if they have that particular book. Although the book is almost ten years old, I put a hold on it. There was another one of her books on the shelf available and since I have to download new maps for Genie, I thought I go to the library and snatch it up before anybody else does.

Since the weather has cooled down quite a bit from the past two days of high 90's to three digit temperatures, I won't be getting hit with the heat.

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