Friday, August 27, 2010


Yesterday, as planned, I pulled all of my computer wires, Genie's attachment wire and headed to the library to update my maps on Genie. As I unraveled all of the wires, I realized I brought the wrong wire for Genie to hook up on to my computer to upload the new maps into my computer high speed. I then looked for Claudia Niece's book which was supposed to be on the shelf. I went to the section it was supposed to be in (the 741's) and looked all over. It wasn't there either. I went over to the library's computer to find where the book was supposed to be exactly and couldn't find the author's name, the subject or words related to subject. Boy, I thought, "I'm batting zero today and what a wasted trip to the library." So I packed up all of the wires dangling leaving the library.

I thought at the time, why do we need any wires what with all of this technology we've got soooo many wires for printers, cell phones, regular land line phones, computers, printers televisions, their hook ups and kitchen appliances?

I then ventured to the supermarkets and what would be a trip out but a trip to Walmart. Everything I was going to get, I couldn't find. I couldn't believe my bad luck I had. Nothing accomplished at all.

Since I saw Wolfgang Puck on TV trying to sell his rice cooker, he spread out some Indian curry chicken on top of rice he just made in his rice cooker. Boy, did it look good. I'm not a curry type person, but I thought I'd give it a try (again). This morning I looked for an easy Indian Curry Chicken recipe and will be trying it in a little while. The chicken breasts are defrosted and ready to be cooked as I type. I'll only be using about a quarter of this recipe since I don't want to waste too much if I don't like this recipe. Wish me and my taste buds luck. I hope something turns out for me soon. Maybe my psyche is just in a funk.

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