Thursday, August 21, 2014


The leader of our quilting group offered to drive since she has a van and we all piled in.  She said she knew the way to the Crocker Museum where the quilting show was...Well, she got so scared on the freeway, especially where the signs were lined up about six in a row and you had to know which lane you had to be in.  When we were on top of the signs she'd holler, "Where do I go?"  She even printed out the directions and she didn't look at them once.  I didn't know she walked with a cane also.  I was tempted to bring my GPS, but she said so many times she knew the way so I didn't bring my GPS, but should have.

One of the people in the group has brought her elderly mother to the meetings.  She can't walk and so she brought her to the Crocker Museum with a wheelchair.  By the time they loaded and unloaded the wheelchair and the mother, it was so nerve racking for me, I couldn't stand it, so I had to walk away with my nervousness.  I just can't take it anymore and for sure I'm hesitating about this group.

When we arrived in the parking lot of the museum the leader said she would need help with the parking machine where you put your money into.  Since they were getting the elderly lady out and into her wheelchair, I went down to the parking machine to pay for the parking when a lady came up to me and said where are you ladies going?  I said to see the quilt show at the museum. She said, "Before you pay, the museum is closed on Mondays."  I was shocked and just another frustration with old people not knowing when and where they are going.  They are so senile, I just can't even be around them anymore.

After driving, I'm sure over 50 miles one way, the leader said she'd take us to two quilt shops which none of us had ever been to or known about. 

The first one had material around $12.00 a yard.  The second quilt shop had material around $13.00 a yard and was next to a restaurant where she said the sandwiches there at about $10.00 were fantastic.  Well, the sandwiches were so small and very little filling in them.  I paid for her lunch since I felt I didn't want to seem cheap as a new member of the group.

As we were shopping, the leader kept dropping her cane and I kept picking it up for her.  I didn't sign up for this.  This is the problem.  Old people...can't take them.  If and when I get to that point, God take me or else I'll off myself.

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