Tuesday, July 15, 2014


And when I finally got sort of an answer about the hours, the leader asked me if I wanted some fruit, I guess people had brought.  I said no because I didn't bring anything and felt kind of guilty since I've been so busy, nervous and frustrated, I didn't even notice refreshments were there.  Again, not giving me any information.  I thought, since we're volunteering our time, they would provide any refreshments.  When I asked should I be bringing something every week, she said if I wanted to, so that means yes, I should be bringing something. I've done this all my life.  I'm tired of baking, shopping and schlepping trays of food.  Thinking that volunteering I wouldn't have to do this anymore just isn't true, at least with this group and I don't want to have to bring things to events anymore and especially to volunteering meetings.   At least at the community garden they had refreshments that we weren't obligated to bring since we were devoting our time and gas to get there.

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