Saturday, June 14, 2014


One of my nice and funny neighbors were talking last week about her ex-husband who lives in our building.  Apparently this is an ongoing thing here.  I didn't know this until now.  He's moved in about a year ago.

She was telling me that she tries to avoid him at all costs since he had various things wrong with him and he had a drinking problem, abused her and her four kids, which she blames on him and other things wrong with him physically.  I know he's hard of hearing  She said, "I wouldn't want to kill him or anything..." and I quickly said, "I wouldn't want to see you on Dateline."  We just cracked up and she continued to talk about her three exs.  Her first husband died though, I must tell you that.

I probably could write a book just about my neighbors in my building.

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