Friday, December 27, 2013


I got a new air popper for Christmas and don't miss the popcorn popper which was an arm that rotated around pushing the popcorn in oil.  It had a crack in the part you place around the bottom part with the arm that went around so a new one was given to me.

The new air popper by Presto uses no oil.  That was a great idea because when I made my first batch using only 1/2 cup dumped into a reservoir, that was it, that's all you had to do and the popcorn came popping up through the reservoir, into a funnel top which shoots the popcorn into the bowl.  This kind of popping is also more healthier.

I really like the popcorn flavor now without the oil.  Never really cared for it like that because it kind of made the popped pop corn kind of moist.  The oil also masked the flavor of the popcorn.

The new dry popcorn also, I believe, pops the kernels larger and fluffier.

The only downside is that the popcorn gets cold right away because it is being shot into a cold bowl.  They say you can use a metal bowl, but be careful, because while shooting out the popcorn, the heat that pops the popcorn kernels is very very hot.  If you use a plastic bowl, make sure the bowl won't melt.

This popper also saves on popcorn kernels because it pops more kernels than my old popper.

Next time I'll try a medal bowl and hopefully the popped popcorn will stay warmer for a longer period of time. 

You can also melt butter in the measuring cup which sits on top of the popper.  They say three tablespoons should be enough for 1/2 cup.  I tried that.  I prefer to put maybe four tablespoons in a little custard dish and microwave it for about 30 seconds and pour on top.  Next, I'll also try pouring the melted butter into the bowl while the popcorn is being shot into the bowl to get a more even distribution of the butter.  Adding salt while being shot into the bowl is another thing I'll try for more of an even distribution.

They also said in the instructions that if you use less than 1/2 cup kernels you'll find more unpopped kernels.  One-half cup is too much for me, so I'll also reduce the amount of kernels to 1/3 cup and see what happens.

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