Wednesday, December 18, 2013


A few weeks ago, I was drawn to an add on line with Walmart and a really neat looking bread machine.  I clicked on it, read the reviews and debated about purchasing it.  I usually make my bread with my Kitchenaid dough hook attached or my food processor which also has a dough hook.

I first thought, another kitchen appliance to store away when not in use.  Where would I put it?  I pondered and pondered for several days.  This bread machine was regularly $100, but rolled back to $59. 

I researched other bread machines, but this one with its great reviews, being able to make four sizes of loaves and had other bells and whistles  to which many of the other bread machines lacked and were much more expensive.

So I bit the bullet and ordered it.  They first said I'd get it by December 23 or 24.  I quickly thought of making bread as Christmas gifts and thought I think I could do it the same day it arrived and could still give as gifts.  I even bought the flour and yeast yesterday. But I just tracked the delivery date again today and they said it would arrive tomorrow.  What a great surprise!  Now I'll have plenty of time to bake the loaves and wrap them up pretty in cellophane, pretty bow and tag. 

Yesterday, I even went to the library and got a few books on more information on how to use the machine, although I knew every machine was a little different to use.  The books also had bread recipes, troubleshooting problems and great information on what to avoid doing if you want to tweak a recipe.  Very informative of things I never really thought of baking bread.  I usually stick to my white, whole wheat and last year made my own rye bread to go along with my corned beef dinner.  It was delicious.  I also like the idea of no preservatives and I'm kind of sick of the same breads they have at the market in my price range.  Breads at the market with some heft to them and contain seeds, oats, grains and fruits go any where from $3.00 up and they have preservatives, fillers and who knows what else in them.  I know I'll have to use my home baked bread within three to four days since I will not be putting any kind of preservatives in them, but in these bread machine books they said you can slice the bread up, put it in a freezer bag and freeze them.  And with a little microwaving after I take the loaf out of the freezer, another great home baked product for another three to four days.

So I'm looking forward to my new toy.  I'll update you on how it works out. 

Now to decide which recipe to begin with.  I believe the machine comes with a few recipes and proper instructions on how to use the machine and which ingredients to put in first so the mixing blades will properly knead into the dough.  This will be my Christmas present to me; trying to still validate the purchase.

Yesterday, while on line, I went to the place my new bread maker had all of its information to read over its specifications again, only to find the machine was sold out.  How lucky am I?

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