Wednesday, December 18, 2013


My last post about the very annoying, old neighbor of mine  who lives next door and underneath me.  I knew he was supposed to have cancer, but now he really looks terrible. 

His face was always very thin and drawn and his skin complexion very ashen white in color, but now his face is swollen and the color of his complexion is a blackish purple.  Yes, this cancer stuff really does some really unbelievable things to your body.

My cat's cancer has now taken his left eye shutting it closed and the growth has grown.  But, on the other hand, he is now spending more time with me on the couch sleeping, but surprisingly he's walking around more and I've even taken him outside for very slow, short walks, and fresh air and sunshine, although he is very unstable on his feet.  He walks a few steps, looks for the sunshine and lays down and just basks there.  Then he's ready to go back to the house and sleep. 

His appetite, bless him, is still very hearty, although I'm mostly giving him soft food; but now I'm sprinkling in some hard cat food and treats.  He sometimes acts like there was nothing wrong with him, outside of his unsteadiness and the large growth.  I think sometimes that maybe he's in a recession, but the tumor isn't getting smaller and maybe this is the good before the final bad.

My 80 year old plus, senile lady next door neighbor who sleeps head to head with me, is really snoring it up really loud lady, waking me up.  She is now snoring like a truck driver, or should I say she sounds like a truck.  There is something very wrong going on with her.  I had to report it to the manager because for a year now, since she's moved in, I've been either sleeping on the couch or sleeping in bed with earplugs on.  Now, I can even get waken up with earplugs on.  What a way to live.  The other night I had to pound so hard on the bedroom wall, I thought my fist was going to go through the wall.  She did not waken, but the man with the cancer downstairs heard my pounding, which I felt bad about, but I went bolistic and shouted to the stop of my voice, "STOP SNORING," which she heard.  So, in the middle of the night, in a sleep deprived , crazed state, I called the management office and  left a message on their machine and demanded something be done.  The next day I had an enveloped taped to my door by the old lady next door.  I thought it was going to be an apology, but instead a note saying she was going to tell management about it the next day.  I was tempted to tape a note to her door saying, I beat you to it, bitch...but now I know and understand she's senile, mean and couldn't care less about how she's disturbing my sleep every night.  She claims she doesn't snore!

During the year she always tells me of her ailments, as if I want to hear that all the time.  That's all she talks about and as senile as she is, reports to me of explosions in the building which was only a picture falling off the wall in her bedroom.  The way she slams her door and shakes my whole apartment, it's a no brainer why that happened.  That was another thing I had to report her for when she first moved in and I told her very nicely and showed her how to close her door softly, I was given a blank stare like she was somewhere else in her head and didn't hear a word I said.

I suggested to management that maybe she now has sleep apnea which could mean heart problems.  I offered to take her to the doctor so I could tell him how her snoring has developed over the past year.  I really don't want to get involved any further with this lady and be depended upon to look after her.  She claims she has four kids in Southern California.  Why isn't she living closer to them?  Maybe they don't want to have her around and have to take care of her.  So she lives alone with all that I can tell goes to church and meets with people in a grieving meeting when her second husband died eight years ago.  She said her second husband had a son living up here, but I've never seen him come around or take care of her or maybe doesn't even care about her, because he knows he doesn't want to have to or want to take care of her.  Sad.  God, if I get to her state in life where I'm a burden, please take me.  (Preferably in my sleep, thank you very much.)

So we'll see where this goes.  In the meantime, still searching for a house.  Prices have jumped almost 20% in the past year here.

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