Friday, August 30, 2013


In this apartment I'm living, there are two stories and around 67 apartments altogether.  There is an apartment newsletter put out every month by our manager.  Last month she said to stop feeding the birds because rats have been seen.

Well, I admit I feed the birds in the wintertime, but I'm on the second floor and my patio's wood decking planks are all filled in with either dirt or plastic bags.  I wedged plastic bags in between the planks when the one that died of cancer in the apartment below me, wouldn't close any of her doors and windows and just smoked so much it was like living on top of a smokestack; so I filled in all of the slats that weren't filled in with dirt, with plastic bags, thinking that would keep the cigarette stench from reaching my apartment.  Of course, that didn't work.  Also, if there are any left over seeds, which are hardly ever, because the birds make sure, as well as I, that mostly everything is clean before I put more seeds or food out.  And when I do clean the patio of shells which had fallen on to my patio deck, I sweep them up and dispose of them with a dust pan into my garbage.

Today I did see a rat.  At first I thought it was a chipmunk, since it was too small to be a squirrel.  But when I saw that skinny long tail, I knew too well it was a rat.  It ran across the sidewalk walkway and into the grass where it disappeared.  It was heading for the neighbor who is very annoying, needs to be the center of attention and has been given "special permission to plant" a lot of things the people who don't attend the manager's Bingo games can't do. 

When I first moved in here I told and showed both the manager and maintenance man that a cover to where the toilet bolts are was missing.  They said they wouldn't give me one because as long as the toilet was OK that was OK.  How do you think that made me feel, just moving in here and feeling like the lowest thing on earth begging for a bolt cover.  Anyways, the rat was heading for this old man's patio.  He plants vegetables as well as flowers that runs not only all over his patio, which us peons are only supposed to have five plants on our patio, to over on each of his neighbors on both sides of his apartment.  I've also seen him put suet out there, and, of course, being on the first floor, he's going to attract not only birds, squirrels, but mice and who knows what else.  There I go with my old person's pettiness.  Just like these people here.  I've got to get our of here. 

Oh, also about that old man annoying neighbor.  He's like the walking dead.  He's supposed to have cancer really bad, but you'd never believe it.  He acts sick when he's got government people, cleaning his apartment and doing his wash, but most of the time he's just going around here sticking his nose in everybody's business.  He doesn't drive, so he's here all the time.  People believe he's their friend because they don't have to live in the same building as he does.  He's outside at 7:00 AM shoveling, pounding and, oh yeah, did I tell you he has a David Beckham's (the hockey player married to the Sprice Girl) high pitched voice with a farmer's accent.  Even more annoying!  He also has been seen peeking into people's windows as well as I've seen him watch me through his window and then jump back behind a wall when I turned his way.

The rest of the people in my building put up with him saying he's always doing something to attract attention.  He also was using electrical tools and refinishing furniture with smelly varnish and stripping chemicals.

When his son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter approximately 18 years old and over 300 lbs. I'm sure, and acting like 12 years old, also trying to attract attention, couldn't stop talking asking her father for a pet snake, just like her grandfather.  The wife and son smoked and since they couldn't do it in the old man's apartment, they sat in front of my apartment which there is a bench and smoked there with the stench going into my kitchen window!  I was hoping they would take them back to Washington where they were from, but they didn't.  He's not going anywhere since he has his ex-wife living here and giving him some extra benefits if he can do that.  She drives him to go shopping and other places.  He's got it made and is also the Laundry Room guard.  When you use that laundry room, he goes into it to see who is there and what they're doing.  He acts like he's running this place.  The security guard.  Oh yeah, he was in the military with the US flags flaying on his patio.  I don't have trouble with hanging a flag, but these had to be three feet wide.  I think with all that has been going on in the world, and this being a governmental apartment complex, he may have been told to take them down.  Like marijuana will get you thrown out, even for medical purposes, because I haven't seen the flags waving any more.

One time while me and two other neighbors in the building were having a conversation near the mailboxes, he walked to the mailboxes to get his mail.  He then stood there sooooo obvious that he was listening to our conversation that we stopped thinking maybe he was going to tell us something, but then he walked back down to his apartment.  How stupid does he think we are? 

I've even counted the months maybe he has left to live and can't wait until that time comes.  I know you're thinking how mean I am and I do admit it, but like they say, until you walk in my shoes.

OK here I go again with my old people's pettiness.  I've got to get out of here.  I feel I'm getting to be like them and the way they think.  Some are so rude, discourteous, who cares attitude and mean, that it's easy for the people who have grown up with some etiquette to get like them.   I must say though, that not everybody here is like that. 

So on this note, I'll say...until next time...

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