Friday, August 30, 2013


A few weeks ago, there was an announcement in the mail with regards to a new store named the Tractor Company opening right down the street from us.  What would a tractor retailer be doing here?  I know there are vineyards and a few farms in the area, but to open up a store selling tractors only...?  Then there was an ad that they were going to have an event which included dog adoptions and various vendors having to do with horses, vet services, animal control, etc.  I thought I'd go down there and see what this was all about.

Low and behold, it was a great store featuring ranch equipment, supplies, tools and hunting equipment and supplies. 

There were a lot of dog foods; ones that had no by-products in them and very expensive, as well as a few of those that did have by-products that you could get at your local supermarket.  Many dog supplies and equipment, such as beds, leashes, feeders, collars, toys and other things you could imagine.  They even had cat food, litter, toys, and beds.  I bought 40 lbs. of litter at a really great price.  Horse equipment and supplies, including feed, along with chicken feed.  Also, bird seed, feeders were there.

It was a different store I've never seen before, but evidently the store is a chain.  Something new and different.

As I was going through the cat section, there were canned foods as well as dry foods that had no by-products in them.  I went back to the store a few days later and purchased a couple cans of this expensive no by-product food.  I'm planning on switching to the dry no by-product dry food.  My Purina One dry cat food doesn't have by-products listed, but this other food seemed to have more of the good, whole foods in it.  I feed Friskies canned food right now to my cat, which the first ingredient in it is by-products, but I don't feed my cat soft food that often and there really isn't that much out there in soft canned food that doesn't have by-products in them, and the ones that are out there, are very, very expensive for 3 ozs. 

The outside of the store sells all kinds of fencing, posts, dog kennels and, oh yeah, a few small riding tractors/mowers.

This store took over the Democrat newspaper building.  I Don't know where they went, but assume they went somewhere else, if they haven't closed up altogether.  They were the oldest newspaper in the west.

I'll be looking for further events and advertisements from them.  I enjoyed shopping there.

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