Saturday, June 15, 2013


Yesterday, I spoke to my agent here in Northern California with regards to finding my new home.  She has been working with me for about two years, since I've been trying to sell my ranch.  The market has been sooooo crazy, we've kept in touch and have been riding this crazy roller coaster together.

Now that my ranch is in escrow, we can finally say this may be the end of our roller coaster ride.  However, now the real estate market has changed again, and I may have to wait until more homes become available in the market and prices start coming down.

My ranch, if all goes well, will close the end of July.  It would be great if I could move right after that, but I have to face reality and do what I can only step at a time.

My realtor sent me some homes which were really bad, in my opinion, within my price range and my desires and needs in a home.  She said she had a home in escrow she sold which will be falling out of escrow.  She said the price and I said the price was too high.  She said that the sellers would probably take my offer of $25,000 less.  She said that before it goes on the market again, I could get it.  She was supposed to send me a photo and information on the home, but I haven't received it yet.  We'll see.  It's a bit out of the area I want to go, but if it's that good of a deal and the great house she says it is, I might jump on it before it lists again and more cash buyers jump on it at a higher price.  We'll see...

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