Monday, June 24, 2013


Yesterday, one of my hiking clubs had a hike at Lake Clementine in Auburn, CA.  Auburn is a city I have been investigating regarding moving to.  I don't think I want to go there because there are people from Roseville and Sacramento who go there frequently to get away from the cities. 

The recreation area we went to had a number of trails to start off from, and with a $10.00 parking fee or if you prefer, you can park a half mile away without any parking fee and walk to the trail head, which is no big deal, but those spaces get pretty filled up fast if you're not there by 9:30 AM and the traffic is somewhat too much for this area. 

This particular area also has the tallest bridge in California, which was one of the reasons I was drawn to this hike.  I've seen the bridge driving by on occasion, but I wanted to take photos and the surrounding area was an area which had a variety of things to see in a different way other than the forest, which there is a lot up here in Northern California.  There's a lot of history also.  An old swimming hole which had been commercial, but is now only a large piece of rock which people can jump off of into a swimming hole.  The weather yesterday was gloomy a bit, but perfect photo taking light.

This is the tallest bridge in California going under some rehab.


This is an old quarry bridge in the area.
Old quarry bridge with different treatment.  I call this treatment "Fantasy Land."
Old swimming hole.
Tallest bridge in California.
Unusual flora.
Lake Clementine dam.
Bottom of falls.
This looked like a face at the bottom of the falls.
Cubical at the base of the falls.
In it's before edit state.

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