Thursday, March 28, 2013


I had ordered eight Hen and Chicks plants from one of the shopping networks.  They arrived yesterday.  I only ordered them because I had been searching for the "normal" Hen and Chicks at my local big box stores for about a year and a half and never have been able to find them.  I'm assuming because they are very easy to propagate and people would just go and take little babies which are always on these plants.  I believe I had some variation of them years ago.

There are four variations of these so called Hen and Chicks which are a great variety.  One will be variegated, one is webbed, another has a red in it and another has a grey/blue color.  I got two of each which is how you had to order them.  They came packaged very nicely and I took them out of their box as soon as they arrived.  They are really cute and now I have to decide how to container plant them.  Should I put each in their own planter? A recommendation of an 8" - 10" for each plant.  That's a lot of planters.  Or should I put four in two planters or two in four planters?  Or should I look for a very very large, shallow planter and put them  all in there?  That may be a bit too heavy though.

You cannot kill these plants.  The cold factor is below zero.  They grow in lousy soil, should I want to transplant them in a home garden, if that day will ever come.  Right now, they are circled around my succulent planter in a larger dish.  They look cute circled around it and layered around with the succulent elevated in the center a bit.  I've always wanted one of those large planters with the holes on the sides; I think they are called strawberry pots, and on TV they displayed one like that.  How nice that was.  I haven't seen any of those planters lately either.  I guess you have to order those on line.  They were pretty expensive when I saw them in the stores years ago, but these plants would surely look great in that type of planter.  We'll see. 

They said not to water them when you get them out of the box, but today it looks like rain.   It may be a while until I transplant them trying to decide how to display them.  All in all, so far, I'm very happy with my purchase.

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