Saturday, February 2, 2013


A few days ago, I learned how to use the web cam on my new computer.  What fun that is.  You can either take movies, single snapshots or set it on continual to take repetitive snapshots.  There is also a section where you can put different hats on yourself or items in the photo. I couldn't figure how to do that yet.  Another question for the HP tech.   Such a cute idea. 

So since I was wearing makeup, had my hair in a decent look and dressed in my bright red, cable knit sweater, I decided I would take some photos and a clip and send them to several people I know.

I guess I was so excited to know I had accomplished the basics of this particular program, I quickly sent off all of the snapshots, some with my cat and a movie clip, also with my cat.  Bad idea.  I should have scrutinized the photos and movie clip before I sent them, but I didn't.  The camera on the computer distorted my face and I looked nervous in the movie clip.  I guess I looked stressed because I've been trying to figure this new computer out for several days and nights without hardly stopping.  And after all, it's just, I believe, a 7G camera.  As far as I know, right now, there is no editing for this feature.  There are some settings you can fix before take photos and movie clips, like brightness and exposure, which I didn't learn until after the fact, but as far as those two settings, they weren't bad to start with.  I believe this little program is just a fun thing to send a web cam e-mail.  I don't know if you could move those photos into my Photoshop and edit them before being sent.  The movie editor, which is another program included in my computer package looked very confusing and I didn't even know where to begin there.  I didn't see any help button or instructions anywhere.  Yet another question for the HP tech.

I got my first comment about this web cam e-mail from one of the people I sent the e-mail to.  Her exact words were "awesome" and "You didn't look nervous at all."  I'm still waiting on several other peoples' comments.

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