Thursday, February 7, 2013


For some reason, I never tried downloading songs from on-line to my computer's CD/DVD player.  But this new computer came with a place or two where you could do that.  Unfortunately, there were no free songs, like other places I found, so, of course, I went to the place where there were freebies.

After quite a while, I finally had a procedure down on this site where you could find a song/artist/genre, listen to it, download it and burn it to a DVD.  Great.  I had about 21 songs downloaded and burned.  Unfortunately, there were a few songs which had skips in them or one where someone actually was at a concert and had it there for people to download.  She was coughing through the song and the quality of the trac was bad, so I deleted that one.  So I only ended up with 17 songs, a little over an hour recorded on my DVD.  I went to Walmart to get a set of earphones, played my music and was very, very happy at what I had accomplished.  However, the DVD did not read in my van's CD player.  Bummer.

Who knew seven years ago, when I bought my van, that the radio and CD player would advance into this new way of electronics.  Now, the new radios have CD/DVD players, but also a connection for MP3 players and flash drives.  No more messing with CDs/DVDs in your car.  So what to do.  Do I buy a new radio with a new CD/DVD player and flash or MP3 players' connection or even, which may be a possibility, buy a new car.  On second thought, that last idea is out of the question.  So I'm on a quest to seek out a new radio/some kind of connection for my music I can now download from my computer without too much of a hassle.

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