Monday, January 28, 2013


As I read the instructions and watch the videos Windows 8 supplies, I’m slowly getting the gist of it.  But the hardest thing is getting used to the touch pad.  How many fingers and which way on the touch pad to swipe to get to where I want to go on the page or just moving from app to app or web site to web site.  Still, I believe they’ve reinvented the wheel.  I believe that most people, especially older people, won’t want to learn Windows 8.  In a way, I don’t blame them, but Windows 8 still has a lot of neat features, especially the continually updating apps.  I especially like the e-mail app that keeps updating and tells you how many new e-mails you have right on the start page so you don’t have to go into your mail all the time.  News, weather and some other apps also keep updating.  Really nice.

I’ve tried transferring my old computer contents to my new computer, but the transfer program needed to be updated, so that failed, not knowing how to update that.  I guess I’ll call HP’s support people later on to help me with that and also to get my 6,000+ photos copied from my external hard drive.

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