Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I'm making a list on a yellow legal pad of the things I've tried doing over and over again, by instructions from various places on the tutorials and the Internet and they still don't work.  Like moving the blocks of tiles and naming them.  To name them, they say to click on the block.  Well, I've tried that many, many times, all over the block, all over the page.  A tool bar saying name or rename the block.  That never shows up anywhere.

I've also tried many, many times to move my old computer contents to my new computer.  It says my mover is out of date.  I tried updating it, but it still doesn't work.

I tried playing my Scrabble game on Pogo.  Pogo says I need Java.  I have Java installed.  I checked on my list of programs, but it just won't work.  I've tried downloading it several times, it just won't work.

These are just a few of the frustrations I've encountered.  Still making my list.  I don't want to call an HP support guy until I've got more to go on the list.  I'll keep at it for about a week, then I'll make that call early enough in the morning because I know this is going to take some time to get everything set up properly.

Is anybody out there having the same problems I am, or any other problems I should look forward to encountering?

Oh, and has anybody tried changing the default font and size in Windows Live Writer?  I've found how to do it in Windows Office.  It looks like, what I've found searching around is writing code.  Are you into writing code?  I'm not.

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