Saturday, November 10, 2012


Lately, in my blogs, I have been posting some, what I think, are cute little drawings from my Paint program.  I've tried doing it from my Photoshop Elements program, but I have found I can't unless a photo is in the editor, but probably there is a way to just draw in my Photoshop Elements program, I just cannot find a way, even looking through the Help section of the program and just trying to fool around with the program, in hopes something will work.

The Paint program is pretty easy to use, and with a little fooling around, you can produce cute little drawings.  If using the pencil or brush feature, however, things can get a bit shakey, especially if you are writing something in handwriting.  It doesn't have a type font feature, but all in all, it's a nice program, with its limitations.

I've tried a few times to get a free trial of Photoshop CS6, but for some reason, it does not want to download.  I've also tried getting a free trial of Adobe Photoshop Elements 11, which recently came out, but there again, it did not want to download.

I've been looking for a class at the colleges around here that taught CS6, but there were a few prerequisites I was not interested in taking.  Just getting into what they call Graphics Communications required prerequisites that I just wasn't interested in.  So where do you find a class where they just teach CS6 even for free?  On line?  Checked there with no success.

Illustrator is another Adobe program which Graphic Designers use.  I'd also like to get in on that class also, but then again, a bunch of classes before delving into such a class.

I guess my next thing would be to buy a book on both the programs and invest in them.  This would be an expensive investment, one which I'm not willing to put out all that money on, not knowing if I'd like doing that to begin with.

Maybe if I just keep trying to find something, somewhere I'll get lucky.  Other than going to art school, I think I've tried everything I could to get to know how to operate those programs.

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