Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The old guy who lives downstairs and next door to me broke his leg...skateboarding!  He now has a little cart he can drive, along with crutches.

He looks like hell.  He's really let himself go...no shaving, no haircut, dirty T-shirts and I believe no showers.  As he was driving his cart in front of my apartment, I thought I smelled BO.  I looked out my window and sure enough, it was him.  I can smell cigarette smoke pretty readily, but BO?  He was about 30 feet from my door when I smelled him.  OMG.  He has a caretaker and is loving it.  Who else would want to care for somebody like that.  I don't think she is full time or if she is supposed to bathe him, but her company seems to make him happy.

When she started caring for him last week, she hollered to the new maintenance man, because the old man wanted to talk to him.  The new maintenance man hollered back at her, "This isn't a drive through."  I laughed.  She then said, "Am I too loud?"  But she's been pretty quiet since then.  She seems pretty nice though.  People just don't know that when you visit these places or just move in, you are expected to not laugh out loud, talk anything more than a very quiet inside voice and don't bang anything in your apartment because these walls are sooooo thin, you can hear everything.

Apparently, his ex-wife who lives a couple buildings down from us doesn't want to bother with him during this time of his need, and I don't blame her.  After all, she did help him when he had his heart valve operation. 

Lately, I've been hearing a humming motor sound in my bedroom, which is slowly driving me crazy.  I hear it when I go to bed, when I wake up in the middle of the night and I wake up to it in the morning.  I've put a note on my downstairs neighbor's door, but she hasn't been out in three days, so there the note is still taped to her door.  No doubt, nosy, dirty neighbor guy has read the note by now, he's so nosy.  I'm wondering if she has something she sleeps with so she doesn't snore anymore because I haven't heard her snoring.  She is built and even looks like a man.  Maybe she sleeps now with one of those machines on her head that will stop you from snoring.  I don't know what it is, but it's driving me crazy.

I don't see any possibility of my ranch selling down in Southern  California.  I looked at Realtor.com and the people now are starting to practically give their properties away.  I'm so tired of a house holding back my life as much as it is, although I've tried very hard not to have this house do this to me.  I've just got to get out of here.  If I didn't have a cat, I'd store all of this stuff along with my stuff from my ranch and travel in my van for at least six months.  I'd go to Oregon, Washington, Utah, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado.  Wishful thinking, as the clock ticks away.

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