Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Since the motor sound in my bedroom has not subsided for about a week now, I've decided to put earplugs in my ears before going to bed.  Ahhhhh, relief and knowing I can sleep in my own little world even with the window open.  It was wonderful.  Not only did I not hear the motor sound, but any sounds.  I was in a wonderful, deep sleep.  When I woke up, I heard no garbage trucks banging, which usually wake me up,  traffic whizzing by on the freeway, but most of all, that motor sound.  I've continued wearing my earplugs and being in my own little world and not hearing all of the extraneous noises from just living in these apartments.

The lady downstairs from me still, after three days, has not left her apartment to see my note still taped to her door.  I wonder if she's still alive down there.  In these apartments, you never know.

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