Tuesday, July 31, 2012


While watching the Olympic games, I've seen the media build these athletes up like they have it in the bag...almost.  It's like those TV shows you see when the judges say, "You have it in the bag, you probably are the winner."  Sure, pump these people up and then out they go by elimination.  Why do they say these things to these very hopeful, gullible kids?  Wait until they're judged before saying anything.  Don't pump up these poor kids and then hit them in the face.  I'm surprised more of these kids haven't done something that their friends and parents would regret.  Maybe it's just the media I'm hearing and not actually what the contestants are thinking.  Maybe in the back of their minds they're saying, "Sure, I don't believe it until I see it.  You're an actor/actress, sell it, sell it."  Although I believe some of the Olympians may have taken the media to their heads a bit much and it is showing in the way they come across on TV that they're the ones that are sure to win.  That it's their time, their year.

I wish any one, in my opinion, and it's only my opinion, that anyone I believe has talent and deserves to win should win.

It seems that if you don't win the gold, it's almost a wasted trip, wasted energy and time training.

I especially was moved about the girl who was the world's best all around USA gymnast and she didn't get to compete for the gold.  What's that all about?  And she did much better than the others from the United States!  It's something about how the judges have to score because only two gymnasts can compete.  I couldn't understand it completely because Bella Lagosi, I have to call him that because that's how I remember his name when it's Coroli (spelling uncertain) was trying to explain it and with his thick accent, I couldn't quite get the gist of it.

What about Lockte, the swimmer that beat Phelps, once, when it was his time, he says.  In the relay, he screwed up.   He said he trained more than anybody else, while Phelps just practically went on his physical attributes to get him through.  Well, and I'm sure he knows this, that not everybody trains the same.

I've also noticed that Phelps is a much more mature person at these Olympics.  Answering questions in a much more humble fashion.  I hope he does win those three more medals, so he can become the most awarded Olympian in the world after many years of another having that privilege.

The USA gymnastics team (mens) was a very big disappointment for several of the men.  After having all of their struggles they went through their lives to get to this point, publicized to the point of how else can we get the audience to be sympathetic towards them, and then them screwing it all up very seriously, I am sure, is very, very disappointing to them, the people and parents who have struggled through their lives to get them to this point, and then disaster.  But the ones that performed at the end who have always been consistent, came through with flying colors.  Amazing! 

Have you noticed what country has the most Gold?  China!  We give them our businesses and our gold.

I thoroughly enjoyed the indoor and sand volleyball.  Maybe it's because the USA won both.  But they were pretty good games...well, maybe the indoor volleyball wasn't that great, but they tried hard to beat the USA.

All and all, it's in the hands of the judges because just that 1/10 of a point can make you win or lose, whereas with the swimmers, the clock is their judge.  Big difference.

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