Monday, July 30, 2012


Yesterday, at tennis, I had a very good workout playing singles for two hours straight.  I couldn't believe that several hours later I had aches and pains where I didn't know you could get aches and pains.  I like playing singles better than doubles.  It really gives me a better workout, especially when it's time for me to serve.  I found myself out of breath, whereas, when playing doubles, I don't.

There were only four of us.  Two guys and two girls.  Of course, the two guys played together and me and another girl played.

After playing, my partner and I had a great discussion as to tennis attire.  She said she was going over to the tennis shop not too far away.  I told her they didn't have much of a selection and were pretty expensive.  She asked where I get my tennis outfits.  I told her all over; listed the stores I got those great $6 tennis skirts and the other great deals I lucked into and she couldn't believe I even got the pretty yellow outfit I was wearing at Walmart.

I'm debating now weather I should go just for a walk this morning or do some strength training.

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