Sunday, July 22, 2012


Today, I went down to Folsom to play more tennis with our group which is getting bigger and bigger.  I've tried to download my photos from my cell phone to the web site and hopefully to my blog, but no luck.  I believe I'm going to have to call the cell phone company for help.  I don't want to purchase a memory card for my phone, which is optional, because the the phone is only a 1.6, but the photos of us tennis players were kind of cute.

Today, another girl took photos on her ladeeda IPhone and will post them on the tennis website.  I don't know if I can get those photos and display them here on my site.

When I walked on the courts today, Ed, the group organizer made a comment on the many tennis outfits I have and I look like a tournament player (I wish).  But I do look great on the courts, I must admit.  All of the other players are in cotton clothing.  This new material which wicks the sweat away from your skin is just so great and I made people start thinking about maybe purchasing some. 

Many people, mainly the ladies, are very overweight.  One was wearing long, heavy knitted pants.  I asked if she was going to be too hot playing tennis in those pants, but I'm sure she wasn't going to put on even some decent shorts because of how overweight she was.  There was also another lady who was the most overweight of us all, playing after twenty years.  She made a comment that since she's older, she wasn't a fast as she used to be.  I thought about getting her in confidence and giving her some constructive criticism that getting older may be a bit of the problem, but the weight she was carrying was most of the problem.  I wouldn't have told her in those exact words, but I decided not to say anything.  I'm sure she knows what really is making her slow and less able to turn and twist as much as she would have liked.  This lady may have been a little younger than me.  They say, a third of all citizens of this country are overweight, and I believe it.  All of the young men were in good shape and just one other girl in her 20s and I (at least I don't think I am) are not overweight.

We played doubles and had some really great rallying, Aces and great saves.  A foreign fellow and his wife (Asian I believe) started with our group last week.  They have never played before.  In fact, the wife has only been in this country for six months and speaks very little English, but enough to understand and speak.  They are a lovely, fun couple.  Last week I gave him instructions as to how to overhead serve.  This week, I lent a hand while playing with his wife and instructing her as to where to stand on the court as we rotated played doubles.  They are both pretty good rallying.  The wife doesn't have too bad of an overhead serve.  As far as her husband, he's finding it a bit more difficult putting all the steps to an overhead serve together and getting the ball to the right spot on the court.  I told him that learning the overhead serve will give him a new appreciation of the game.  He agreed and we laughed.

Yesterday, I spent an hour on the high school track.  I ran, walked, walked backwards and skipped sideways.  They have some gym equipment one the outside of one side of the track  and people really don't use it and they do their situps in the middle of the track.

While I was doing all of my Insanity workout moves, a very overweight man who just walked/ran around the track for about ten minutes came by me and said, "Good workout."  "Well," I said to myself," At least he's out here."  I really hope to see him out there again for his own sake.  This man looked like he was in his late 30s early 40s.  A nice looking man with blond hair and blue eyes.

Tomorrow, I'll see if I'm up to doing my four plus miles on the bike path.

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