Monday, July 23, 2012


There was a very loud party going on last night.  No, it wasn't neighbors, but the people upstairs (the heavens) were really up to no good.

I'm talking about one of the most worse and loud thunderstorms, lightening and rain that was going on all night.  The thunder literally shook our building.  The storms kept going and coming time after time, even when I thought the storm had passed and I got to sleep, it kept hitting our Sierra foothill town time and time again.

Too bad the large trees which surround our apartments covered most of the show, because I would have loved to see it in the open environment.

I even went out on the patio to move my plants around.  One is in a large wrought iron pedestal plant stand.  I didn't want my plant to get electrocuted, I guess.  I placed it under the overhang and put my other two small plants under it for protection.

This morning, everything seems to be in its place.  I don't see any downed trees and I guess this is a good excuse for me not to go and run/walk on any of my places I go to exercise.  I don't know what or who (dead or otherwise) I'd find there.

My cat saw that I was calm, so he wasn't afraid.  He's pretty tough in that department.  Although, there were a few very loud claps of thunder and really bright flashes of lightening that we both were surprised, but all in all, he was just fine.

The rain came down so hard and loud, it kind of sounded like hail.

Oh well, I guess this crazy weather everybody in this country is experiencing had to touch down here sooner or later because we've been ducking he bullet for a very long time.  Fortunately, it didn't put us out of our homes.

And here we go again.  As soon as I thought it was all over, again, the rain is coming down pretty strong.  Should I start building an ark?

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