Saturday, June 23, 2012


Yesterday I decided to do the trail from Walmart to a major road.  This walk is 2.5 miles according to the kiosk.  I've done this walk before with a few ladies, but we didn't go all the way.

I walked/ran and did a round trip.  Here are the stats according to my very accurate Omron pedometer:

5.35 miles
11,319 steps
11,259 aerobic steps
Burned 439 calories
Time:  1 hr. 28 mins. 26 secs.

As I finished one way, there was a lady waiting for her walking companion.  She said she was training for a three day, 20 mile a day walk in San Francisco for the benefit of breast cancer.  She said she had her left hip replaced twice.  This lady was reeeeally in shape.  What a great body for a lady I'd say in her 60s.  Although, she was wearing a Nike outfit that hugged her body so maybe that camouflaged a lot.  This outfit was a thicker material than your average tight fitting walking outfit.  It looked somewhat like a wetsuit material.

I felt really great after this fast walk/jog.  Next time, I'll start at the major road and go the other way and try to beat the time and add more calories burned.  I may even try doing this with my bike.  It doesn't seem like it has too many hills that are that steep.  I'll give it a try anyways.

Although the kiosk says it's 2.5 miles, I attribute my mileage being longer is because I went around people and didn't go in a straight line like the line they have to divide the bike trail.  Also, I'll give my pedometer a 10% to 15% leniency factor.

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