Monday, June 18, 2012


Since I did that ten miler in an hour the other day in Folsom, I decided I'd go to the bike path here and try to go from the bus terminal to the kiosk.  It is a slight uphill all the way and I did it without stopping, although a bit challenging.  It was all downhill on the way back, so I got to my car with hardly any problems.  I did try for a bit to ride with one of my feet in the stirrup and luckily I got it out before stopping before getting into my car, because there is a steep hill going downwards before getting off my bike and entering a street which crosses over to the bus terminal where my car was parked.

There is a bike path near Walmart I'll have to try.  There are more people on that path, but I believe it may be a bit more level.

There's another bike ride on Saturday for beginners, but I'll be playing tennis.

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