Sunday, June 10, 2012


Today I went to meet with a group in Folsom to play some tennis.  There were only two men and us three girls, which made it hard to play since a threesome is hard to play unless one sits out.  However, like I thought, we three were three of a kind.  One hadn't played in 20 years, another was a racquetball player and then there was me, sans 30 years.  We three just rallied and that was good enough to practice our swings.  The two men played actual games together.  Personally, I hate keeping score.

I then went to the outlet and two other sporting goods stores to get a pair of white tennis shorts.  None to be found.  In fact, the selection was very very limited in the four stores I went to.  I guess it's ordering on line or going to a tennis specialty store and hoping to find something on sale because they usually only have things that are very very expensive. 

I have found within the past few years more and more stores have very  limited selection.  They seem to be keeping their inventory very low; even shelves are bare.  What happened to those great malls with a Robinson's, May Co., Broadway and Nordstroms.  Remember Casual Corner and Wet Seal?  Those were also some of my favs in the malls.  If you didn't like the styles of something you were looking for in one store, you could just go to the next and the next until you found the one you wanted.  Not any more.  More and more of my shopping for certain clothing items are not even on the racks or shelves any more.  I don't enjoy shopping any more.

The other day I went to Home Depot to get a battery tester.  They did not sell them!  I asked if they had a battery tester so I could test some batteries I had.  They didn't even have a battery tester.  What happened to that nicety?  I used to go to Radio Shack, but they went out of business.

Times a changin'.

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