Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This weekend will be a short bike ride around a lake with a bike group, about 20 miles.  I've signed up for it, but since I'm still having a heck of a time putting air into my bike's tires, I'll call it a maybe.  I've decided on getting a compressor today, but don't know if the bike valve and compressor valve will be a match.  I believe there is an adaptor that I can get.  The problem with the pump I have is the connection which will not fit securely with the tire valve.  It keeps popping out, thus air cannot get into the tire.  I've tried to press down hard on the connection, but that put a hole in my innertube.  I've had nothing but problems to a simple task.  My old Raleigh was so simple with just a regular air valve.  This new bike's tires are so high tech it's been a real hassle and very frustrating not to be able to easily put air into my tires.

It's just like the smartphone I have.  I prefer the "regular" type phone.  It's simpler to use.  It has a regular keyboard with keys you can actually feel when the key is depressed.  The smartphone is just not that sensitive at times and sometimes you have to press three or four times for it to take.  The programming of the smartphone is also very hard to program.  There are so many menues and submenues, it's hard to remember how you got from one thing to another.

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