Sunday, May 27, 2012


Again, I traveled the 500 plus miles to Southern California to again check on my ranch and visit with neighbors and friends.  It was a very gruelling and tiring ride and arrived at my destination saying to myself, "I just can't do this any more." 

I stayed at my neighbor's cute, little guesthouse in back of his house.  I decided, after one day, that I would pack what was left of my household goods, which took up every bit of a 17' truck, travel back to Northern California and store it.  It was a feat where I don't know where I got the strength to do all of this within five days.

I put the ranch up for sale, again, with another realtor.  It was the realtor who sold me the ranch 15 years ago.  I couldn't find him when I listed my ranch the first time, but surprisingly, I saw his name on a listing and wondered if that was him.  He had moved out of the area a couple of years and came back recently.

Now that I have storage space, I'm beginning to rearrange things in my apartment and putting some of the things in my apartment into the storage unit.  There were some things I had been wishing I had from the ranch, so I got those items and put them in the house.

Hopefully, my ranch will sell quickly.  I am sooooo tired of this.  But at least I feel the umbilical cord has been cut from the ranch and Southern California.

My friends with the horses, acres of land and various other animals has also moved out of that area closer to their family.  So everybody seems to be departing my life.

I said a final goodbye to my other neighbor.  We hugged and shared a tear or two. 

I hope my neighbor I stayed with will someday come to visit me when I get a house up here and stay with me and I'll show him around to this wonderful area.  I don't think I'll ever see him again because he is way up there in years and when he came back from a bike ride, he didn't look too well.  He was just kind of sitting there, bent forward, breathing heavily.  I didn't want to ask him if he was OK, because I didn't think he was really all there and he couldn't answer me.  I watched him very closely, planning to call 911 at any time.

Before I left, he asked me to send him some photos of the area, so I'm bombarding him with the "Photos of the Day."

I've now got a van full of items which I'll take to the storage unit, do my laundry from the trip, and maybe, just maybe, relax and hope the ranch sells quick.

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Blue Shoe Farm said...

Good luck on the selling. Seems like you are making a new home in N. Ca.!