Sunday, May 13, 2012


This past Friday I took a trip with my realtor to see a home on almost two acres near Kelsey and Garden Valley.  I drove and it was such a beautiful adventure.  It was way off the beaten track, but it was filled with rolling hills, outcroppings of rocks, dirt and paved roads, large and small and spring flowers starting their blooms.

The home itself looked and sounded really great in the MLS listing, they always do, but when we arrived, the outside was really cute, but the inside needed, of all things, two new bathrooms.  Usually it's the kitchen that needs to be replaced.  It looked like there was mold under the tub in one bathroom and the shower in another.  Of course, it needed new paint inside, new rugs and tile throughout.

As we were driving through the wonderland of views on our way up there, I was white knuckling it all the way.  Driving up in northern California still freaks me out.  After seeing the home, we stopped and took a few photos of the flowers, and here they are...

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