Monday, February 6, 2012


Thirteen hours in bed?  I couldn’t believe it.  But it was true.  After eating everything you could think of as krap (I spelled it with a k so I really didn’t say the swear word) and watching the Super bowl, I guess I deserved this laziness which I’m ashamed of.

Anyways, the Super bowl.  I really don’t understand the game, every intricacy, like flag down, when the clock stops and what each player does, except to keep the other player on the opposing team from moving forward.  I do know they have four chances to make a touchdown, which is six points.  A kick over the two sticks (goal posts) is two points.  But when do they do that; what makes them able to perform that?  Is it just me, or is there anybody else out there football illiterate too?

It was a great game.  I especially enjoyed seeing the quarterback (Brady) throwing the ball in slow motion through a mangled mess of men through a hole no larger than the inside of a car tire.  Now I understand the practice of throwing a ball through a moving tire.  What precision.  Some are completed and some are not, but it’s the directness and confidence of the quarterback that makes them unique.

I also enjoy the players running out of bounds and the photographers getting mowed down or almost mowed down.  I’d like to see their final shots before that happens.  They must feel pretty excited at the shot they have the opportunity to get when no other photographers had that chance. 

I enjoy the stories the announcers tell about each of the players.  There was a story about one of the players who got their start in high school when the football coach asked him to play on the team.  The young man, at the time, said he really didn’t understand the game and the coach told him to just get the quarterback, which he did, and here he is now playing in the Super bowl. 

The quarterback on the losing team (Brady) I remember from him dating several young ladies seen on the modern screen.  The quarterback on the winning team (New York) I’ve never heard of.  He’ll probably be dating an upcoming or already on the scene starlet pretty soon, unless he’s already married.  Although, in the past, that hasn’t stopped them, just because they can.

As they panned the camera on the wives of the players and owners of the teams, I wonder what the following evening would bring them.  An unpleasant, not wanting to be around them, or a loving, giving person.  This win is a life changing time in his/their lives.  But they are professionals and I’m sure they have sat down with psychologists and talked about this very thing.

As the camera showed many of the previous Super bowl rings the winners will be wearing, I took a look at how gaudy they are.  Just too much krap on them with diamonds, swirls, engravings.  Now I know why some players pawn them.

I hope the losers slept well last night, but not the 13 hours like me.

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