Saturday, February 4, 2012


While I was unloading my shopping cart between my van and a pick up truck with a shell with windows, I felt someone or something touching my neck, and even the hairs around my neck were moving. I didn’t think anyone was behind me trying to unload their shopping bags into the pick up truck because there was very little room even for myself to squeeze myself between my van and the pick up truck parked very close to my van. I did, however, notice an elderly man putting oil into the engine under the hood of this pickup truck. As I turned around to see who or what was touching my neck and hair, a large bull mastiff dog’s head was staring into my face, not three inches away. What a surprise. The dog had the most beautiful, sweet face. It startled me, but I was relieved it was only this sweet dog’s face. Evidently, she was sniffing the back of my neck and hair. I'm glad it was just this sweet dog sniffing instead of some weirdo hanging out in the parking lot or somebody really trying to squeeze between my van and the pickup truck. This dog’s head was poking through the open window of the pickup truck. As I quietly hollered “Oh,” the elderly man looked up and smiled at me and so I told him what had just happened. He said, “She startled you.” I said, “Kind of. She sniffed my neck while I was unloading my cart and I was surprised to see it was this large dog’s face in my face as I turned around.” The elderly man said his son left for Afghanistan, and before he left, he gave him the dog. Now he’s got a new granddaughter…the dog. There was also another large dog in the back of the pickup, one with long hair. This other dog could have cared less what was going on. He was looking the other way checking out what was going on on the other side of the pickup.

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