Tuesday, January 17, 2012


While scouting out where and what I should paint, a lady from our group saw some firefighters training on the Coloma River nearby under a bridge.  She had mentioned I might want some photos of that, so I quickly started investigating.  Sure enough, there they were in all of their brightly colored clothing along with their equipment which made some very colorful photos.  While atop the bridge shooting from above the men, one of the firefighters came on the bridge tending to a rope which he held from the bridge into the other firefighters below in the river.  We started a small conversation and I learned he was a firefighter from the Roseville Fire Department and he was with other firefighters from other fire stations training for large disasters.  I told him I’d send him the photos.  I’ve been trying to get their e-mail address, but I couldn’t believe that it was nowhere to be found.  I guess I’ll have to call their station to get somewhere to send the photos.

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RMKK said...

Colorful, yes! Great action shots too.