Tuesday, January 17, 2012


As I was packing my painting equipment in my van last Saturday to venture out to my fun-filled day with my plein air group, I heard some commotion and people coming out of my next door neighbor’s apartment.  These are the people who helped me pack my old microwave oven into my van so I could bring it to the recycling place. 

The mother and son are a bit “on the rough side,” but I try not to over analyze people and give them the benefit of the doubt that they are good people.

They do have big voices to begin with, not really meaning to holler, and we do have an adjoining wall and besides the banging and being able to hear them and their phone ringing, plus all of their bathroom water from every faucet in there that you can hear, I’ve chalked it up to “this is apartment living” – noisy and I grin and bare it.

The daughter, who comes to visit almost every day, however, is another story.  She hollers at everything.  I tend to think she is either bi-polar or just is so verbally abusive to her mother, it is unbelievable.  The way she talks to her mother is disgraceful.

So last Saturday as they were coming out of the apartment; mother, daughter and a lady and a Hispanic man about the same age of the daughter, came out fist fighting.  The daughter and the Hispanic man were giving blows to each other like you’d see those young kids in the schoolyard on TV fighting.  Shameful.  I didn’t want to look too long, for it was very upsetting to me to watch.  The daughter kept on yelling so the whole building, I’m sure, heard it…F--- you B-----.  Over and over, continually as she kept on swinging.  I believe the guy just kept his arms out to keep the daughter away.  The mother and the lady were in between to try to break all of this up.  They weren’t yelling.  The mother just had cataract surgery and if she should have gotten a fist or elbow in her eyes, I’m sure that would have caused some very serious injury.  The son was nowhere.  I believe he stays away from the sister, because when she comes to visit, I never hear them speaking to one another.  So I guess he just stays away from her when she comes to visit so he doesn’t get into it with her.  He must know her anger at any little thing.  After the fight being broken up the guy and the lady left very calmly like nothing happened walked to their car and drove away.  The daughter, still being in a violent mode went into her mother’s apartment and started trashing it.  I heard, what sounded like glass breaking several times. 

The next day, the mother was laughing with her son in the apartment.  I would be so depressed after something like that happening in my life, I’d be as quiet as a mouse. 

I’ve thought of reporting this incident to the manager of our complex, but I decided not to.  The lady on the other side of their apartment and the people downstairs must have heard it really loud, I’m sure.  Hopefully they will report it or maybe someone else in our building.  Everybody was home at the time, according to all of the cars that were parked in the lot and being so early in the morning.

This place is something else.  And as I keep saying, “I gotta get otta here.”

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