Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I’ve been seeing my neighbor who just had the quadruple heart surgery walking around, doing his laundry and going to his ex-wife’s apartment.  Where else would he go?  He has no car.  She chauffeurs him around; she’s the one with the car.  She takes him food shopping.  He has his own man cave living here and her right in the next building.  She jumps around like a little trained dog for him.

Yesterday I heard hollering from downstairs outside and I assumed he was arguing with his next door neighbor who is a lady in a wheelchair and has her white trash grandchildren visiting her whenever they like with their little screechy Chihuahua dog.  These kids are loud, hollering every word.  You know when they are visiting alright.

But I was wrong.  It was a locksmith.  Evidently, the lady in the wheelchair wanted her locks changed.  Evidently, they couldn’t for some reason, so she wanted the door changed along with the lock.  Evidently, she doesn’t want those kids to just come and go in and out of her apartment whenever they please for some reason.  They must have a key.  Are they steeling from her?  It doesn’t seem they are abusing her verbally or physically.  They were here on Christmas morning.  They must have stayed over night because they were out on her patio in pajamas and the little boy (grandson) was playing with his Christmas gift of a remote controlled truck on the greenbelt.  The truck one of the bigger ones, not one of those little tiny ones that go around on a track.

You’ve seen me write evidently a lot in this blog.  I write it because it is only my assumption.

This place is a zoo.  I gotta get otta here.

BTW, I got another low bid on my ranch, but not as low as before.  Maybe things are a changin’.  Doubt it.  The offer was from the girl that offered me that insulting bid before.  Still trying to steal away my cute, little ranch.

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