Wednesday, January 11, 2012


For about the past month my computer touch pad on my laptop has been very touchy.  I should say very sensitive because when I touch it in any way just a little bit too rough, which is regular to me in the past, it makes my page jump to another part of the page.

So I finally called Microsoft, thinking it was related to installing Service Park 2, although the touch pad problem started two weeks after that installation.  I was on the phone on hold for 40 minutes for the tech to tell me she checked out my computer, again gaining access and control of my computer to check the internal workings of my computer, which were fine.  She told me to contact Gateway.

I went on line to see if I can find out how to fix it myself by other people experiencing the same problem.  I found a couple of fix it solutions, but even the Gateway site said to look for an icon near my digital clock, then do the next step, then the next step, then the next step, and so on and so on.  Well, since I couldn’t get to even step one, I went on to the next help, which was to replace or install drivers.  I looked how to do that, but even that step I couldn’t continue on with.  What they said I should be seeing on my screen wasn’t there.  Evidently, they said some of these were older instructions I needed which weren’t available.  I even tried getting the User’s Guide on-line, like they said in previous instructions to do.  That wasn’t available either since they said it was too old of a User’s Manual.  However, I did find a site that they had it for sale.  It was a Gateway site.  This is crazy.

So I’ve put in an e-mail to a Gateway tech who, for no charge, which is my understanding, they will help me.  (I hope.)  Wish me luck.

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